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Duel 0.1 Duel 0.1

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


waiting all that time for some action. an there wasnt any. plus im no expert but isnt learning to colour inside the lines part of growing up. maybe its just me but i like a flash to at least.... i dunno... seem adult?

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Rayne's World: Level 1 Rayne's World: Level 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It'sa me!! Rayne!

Before i reveiw... you can really tell the difference between LICD fans and some one who has never visted the site before.
I caught the video sohmer posted a while back of the RayneWorld an you could tell it was based around the mario concept. Which is never a bad thing. Simple yet highly effective. Love mario, Love Rayne an adding bra-man in there was a huge plus for me.
Gameplay was fun and carnt wait for full game. Mix of evil chracters that generally make you laugh cause youve always wanted a chance to jump on a few religious heads without the chance of being chased down a street by a congration of choir folk.
Only flaw is that its laggy when you collect golden condoms.
In all i like the gameplay and can not wait to see the finished product or what sohmer has thought up as a boss. If fighting religions high ranks are normal monsters in this game it would be fun to see rayne kick some deity behind.
Blammy an all that.